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Hiking and bike trails

For those of you who would like to move away from the coast, the sea and the hustle, 60 kilometers of maintained and marked hiking and bike trails will surely be enough to combine your recreational and cultural interests.

The hiking trails are circular, which means that the departure point is also the destination point. There are eight marked points (Šilo, Žestilac, Gostinjac, Sveti Vid, Dobrinj, Gornja Hlapa, Županje, Šilo) and you will be able to find out how many kilometers you have covered and how many more are in front of you by checking the signposts installed along the trail. A hike or a bike ride will not only help you relax but will also offer you an opportunity to see all the villages of Dobrinjsko and in each of them find an interesting detail from the present and the immediate or more distant past.

Hiking and bike trail maps


Download our map with exact locations of all hiking and bicycle trails in Dobrinjsko. In addition to the map, you can also download the .kml file with GPS coordinates of the trails.

Map (pdf) GPS coordinates (zip)


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