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It is impossible to start any story about the history of Dobrinjsko, the territory encompassed by the Municipality of Dobrinj, without mentioning the town of Dobrinj first. This is not only due to the fact that Dobrinj has for centuries been an administrative, religious and cultural center of Dobrinjsko, but also because the recorded history of the Municipality of Dobrinj starts exactly with the mention of the town of Dobrinj.

One of the most significant Croatian documents written in the Glagolitic alphabet, Listina slavnog Dragoslava (literally: Deed of Gift of Dragoslav the Famous), dating from 1100, was drafted “...just in front of Dobrinj, next to the Church of Saint Vitus...” (“...pred Dobrinjem, poli crikve svetog Vida...”). The document mentions the community (komun) and parish of Dobrinj, and the Parish Church of Saint Stephen (Župna crkva svetog Stjepana). A few centuries after Listina slavnog Dragoslava was drafted, a folk song called Dobrinj is a White Town (Dobrinj je bijeli grad) was written. It metaphorically describes the geographic position of Dobrinj. And Dobrinj is really a town in the true meaning of the word. It is situated in the middle of an island and from whatever side you approach it, you must cross a stream. The so-called Lower Town (Donji grad), where a line of houses plays the role of the town walls, reminds of the time of the princes of the Frankopan family from Krk. The religious and ethnographic museum collections remind of the time before and after the Frankopan family, as do the old bell-tower and the nearby garden called Jardin. The main square called Placa, which is surrounded by sycamore trees, represents the soul of this small town that still radiates the authentic spirit of its past. „Are there more museums or citizens in Dobrinj?“ is a clever, funny question asked by a tourist alluding to the rich historical treasure kept in this not so big town. The answer is: „The ratio is the same“. And it really is so. Dobrinj is, in the most simple terms, a synthesis of past and present. Dobrinj is a town-museum.


In the heat of the fiercest battles of the 2nd World War, the citizens of Dobrinj and the surrounding villages refused to stop celebrating St. Stephen's Day (Stipanja), the old tradition of worshipping St. Stephen (Sveti Stjepan) who has been the patron saint of Dobrinj for centuries.

It is exactly for the purpose of preserving tradition that Stipanja entered the historical records as the scene of one of the most horrific crimes the enemy army committed in this area. People still remember the Bloody St. Stephen's Day (Krvava Stipanja), yet no one has given an answer to this very day when and why August 3 was determined as the Day of the Town and Parish of Dobrinj. Be it as it may, the tradition has been preserved and it has lately been expanded to include the Day of the Municipality of Dobrinj celebrated on August 2. On August 3, all paths still literally lead to Dobrinj; some people arrive in the early morning hours to attend the Old-Slavic service, whereas others come in the evening hours to greet the dawn of the next day at Placa while enjoying the music of a different Croatian music star each year. „On St. Stephen's Day, the sky above Dobrinj is always painted in a different color“, concludes an artist. Come and share the experience!

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