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Sights in Dobrinj

[28/31] Ethnographic collection

As many as seven churches or chapels existed in the Dobrinj Region in the past centuries. The Ethnographic Collection owned by the Barbalić family is found today at the site of one of them, namely the Church of Saint Laurel (Crkva Svetog Lovre). The tangible evidence of the former life of Dobrinj and the Dobrinj Region together with the stories about the individuals who gave their contributions to the Dobrinj Region have been passed on from one generation to another, from the father onto the son, from the grandfather onto the grandchild. Worth seeing and remembering!

GPS coordinates: N 45 07.859, E 14 36.206

[23/31] Traditional measures

Stone steps lead from Placa to Jardin. Next to the steps, you will surely notice two ‘openings’ and a stone figure that will remind you of a horse. And you are right. It is a horse’s head that is in fact a bearing support for the parts of the building.

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[24/31] Maskeron

The stone flock of sparrows (locally known as ‘pinkuzići’), which will take you to Jardin, is of a more recent date compared to Maskeron (a man’s head made of stone) found on the opposite side of Placa.

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[25/31] Bell- Tower

The legend says that when the Dobrinj tower was built, evil tongues put a curse on the future building, saying that it was predestined to be under constant threat of caving in.

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[26/31] Church of Saint Stephen

Modern times still do not have an answer to the question: how it happened that the wooden porch in front of the Dobrinj Church of Saint Stephen (Crkva Svetog Stjepana) was built there...

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[27/31] Ethnographic museum

His name is Ivo Sučić. He managed to combine his two great loves, i.e. journalism and teaching.

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[28/31] Etnographic collection

As many as seven churches or chapels existed in the Dobrinj Region in the past centuries.

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[29/31] Religious museum

Who/what connects Dobrinj and London? The answer is: Paolo Veneziano, a famous artist.

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[30/31] "Infeld" gallery

At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the main Dobrinj attractions was the house of sailor Franjo Vušković.
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[31/31] Gumna

Large, small, covered in bushes or still accessible threshing floors, drywall structures locally known as gumna...

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