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Although it is in terms of origin one of the younger (if not the youngest) villages in the Municipality of Dobrinj and although it does not have significant hotel capacities, Šilo is still the main tourist center of Dobrinjsko.

Except for the fact that it boasts the longest tradition in tourism in this region, the tourist center of Dobrinjsko is significant on a wider historical scale as well. At the beginning of 1905, the Krk Steam Shipping Company (Krčko parobrodarsko društvo), the first such company on the island of Krk, was established. The company soon bought the Dinko Vitezić steamship that set sail on the first day of June of 1905 towards Crikvenica, thus marking the official start of the Šilo-Vrbnik-Crikvenica line. The Bodulka ferry, the first ferry in this part of the Adriatic, set sail from Šilo on April 12, 1959, thus opening the first ferry line, the Šilo–Crikvenica line.
Šilo and the sea; the sea and Šilo. The two have been closely associated from time immemorial; the sea has been giving and taking the most precious thing of all - life. The underwater location not far from Šilo reminds of one such fate. Nine lives were lost in the sea depths in 1968 with the Greek motorboat called Peltastis. Today, the Peltastis shipwreck is one of the most attractive diving destinations in the Kvarner County. The sea is therefore the main focus of the tourist offer of Šilo in the classical and more up-to-date sense. In the sea, on the sea, by the sea, on the sand, pebbles or rocks, during the summer or wintertime, Šilo offers to all those seeking a place to rest and relax an opportunity to experience the true meaning of these two words.

St. Rocco’s Day

The plague that affected the greater part of Dobrinjsko in the middle of the 19th century marked the beginning of the tradition of worshipping Saint Rocco (Sveti Roko) in Šilo.

The votive procession that starts each August 16, on St. Rocco's Day, from Polje towards the church in Šilo, has become the basis for celebrating the Day of Šilo that falls on the same day as the feast in honor of the saint called upon by our ancestors at the time of the plague. The Day of Šilo, i.e. St. Rocco’s Day (Rokova), starts with the reveille song (budnica), pulling of the migavica net, continues with the mentioned procession and ends during the night with a feast and fireworks. One of the accompanying events is the century-old Šilo-Crikvenica swimming marathon that is held on the day preceding St. Rocco’s Day, i.e. on the Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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