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The lack of hotel complexes has not proved a shortcoming in the Municipality of Dobrinj. On the contrary, it only sealed the direction taken by the regional tourism. Although open to innovations, the tourist offer of Dobrinjsko consciously and purposely preserves the relics and values of the past and local history in various domains. This is mirrored in the accommodation offer as well.

Camp Slamni in Klimno is a four-star camp
, which says enough about its quality. Its name has not been randomly chosen but determined by its geographic position: Camp Slamni extends in part towards a bay bearing the same name, the Slamni Bay, which is dominated by a pebble beach. Camp Slamni has 60 accommodation units and is equipped to satisfy all the demands of its users. A fitness studio, stores, bocce courts, authentic specialties and delicacies, musical evenings and various amenities and attractions for the youngest visitors – this is a brief description of what Camp Slamni has to offer and the reason it is considered a camp for the family, relaxation and health.

Camp Tiha in Šilo will satisfy the lovers of camping craving an active and those craving a passive vacation alike. You can relax in your own or rented camper van or you can rent apartments which can accommodate from four to eight persons and thus combine apartment and camp accommodation. The camp includes a special section intended for passing campers staying only for a short time. A pebble beach, tennis courts and a pine forest guaranteeing the so much needed shade and privacy are only some of the elements of the offer of one of the most visited camps on the island of Krk.

Camping in Šilo & Klimno

Camp “Slamni” ****

Camp Slamni in Klimno is a four-star camp which can accommodate two hundred lovers of camping at the same time. Camp Slamni offers accommodation in 12 mobile homes and includes stores, a fitness studio, table tennis, a children's playground, a bistro pizzeria, and animation programs for children and adults.

Kamp “Slamni” ****
Klimno 8A, 51514 Dobrinj
Tel: +385 51 853-169
Fax: +385 51 853-178

Camp ”Tiha” ***

Camp Tiha in Šilo offers you the possibility to spend your vacation in your own or rented camper vans. This three-star camp offers enough space to accommodate as many as nine hundred people and includes amenities such as a store, tennis courts, a children's playground, a café offering refreshing drinks, and a maintained bathing area. This is only part of the offer of Camp Tiha, one of the most visited camps on the island of Krk.

Kamp ”Tiha” ***
Konjska bb, 51515 Šilo
Tel: +385 51 852-120, 850-234
Fax: +385 51 850-259

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