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Private accommodation

The lack of hotel complexes has not proved a shortcoming in the Municipality of Dobrinj. On the contrary, it only sealed the direction taken by the regional tourism. Although open to innovations, the tourist offer of Dobrinjsko consciously and purposely preserves the relics and values of the past and local history in various domains. This is mirrored in the accommodation offer as well.

In the past years, the private accommodation offer in Dobrinjsko has been slowly going back towards its beginnings, i.e. the summer seasons when the first tourists were in a way part of the everyday lives of the families they were staying with. Today more and more visitors choose accommodation in the so-called “vacation homes“. We are referring to private homes located mainly in the hinterland and including everything a rural estate should have.
When your alarm clock is replaced by cock-crows or the chirping birds, when you lie down in a contemporary and wake up in a seemingly imaginary yet still real world, the summer vacation far from the present time and space truly ensures relaxation for both your soul and your body. In addition to the possibility of being accommodated on rural estates, there is a possibility of arranging accommodation in apartments and inns, as well as of renting rooms which may or may not include breakfast.

Tourist agencies
Stara cesta 1, 51515 Šilo
Tel./Fax: +385 51 852-229
Tel: +385 51 852-113
Na vodici 2, 51515 Šilo
Tel./Fax: +385 51 852-203, 860-171
Tel: +385 51 852-263


Cancarovske 24, 51515 Šilo
Tel: +385 51 852-285
Nova cesta 45, 51515 Šilo
Tel./Fax: +385 51 852-303
Tel: +385 51 852-311
Stara cesta 3, 51515 Šilo
Tel./Fax: +385 51 852-276
Tel: +385 51 852-241, 852-521
”Paralela tours”
Klimno bb, 51514 Dobrinj
Tel./Fax: +385 51 853-216, 850-504

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