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Sights in Soline bay

[07/31] Islet "Škojić"

Be it rain, sun, fog or clear weather, you cannot miss it. Even if you are not looking for it, it presents itself; it ‘offers’ itself to you. Although small in area, its ruins, relics of the past, attract attention. More precisely, the remnants of an old restaurant named Veli Škoj. Veli Školjić or simply Škoj is an islet in the Soline Bay (Uvala Soline) known to the locals also as Kirinčić, which is its fourth name and one of the oldest surnames in the Dobrinj Region.

GPS coordinates: N 45 09.807, E 14 36.785

[01/31] Chapel of Saint Clement and the glagolitic inscription

Only one chapel under the protectorate of the Krk Diocese is dedicated to Saint Clement (Sveti Klement), a Roman bishop and St. Peter’s disciple.

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[02/31] Anchor

ven those who are laymen when it comes to the sea and seamanship know the answer to the question: what is an anchor?

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[03/31] Measure for wood

Necessity is the best teacher, goes the old saying. The people who earned a living for themselves and their families by selling wood for heating in Rijeka,
Crikvenica, etc.

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[04/31] Štrada

Intended for the swimmers in the summer and promenaders during the rest of the year in more recent times, it was, until the second half of the 20th century, a place full of barrels in which the locals cooked salt day and night.

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[05/31] Perilo

It was rightfully proclaimed a source of livelihood. Numerous girls and women tried to earn their living using it but it often happened that they would lose their lives in the freezing cold or the scorching heat.

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[06/31] Remnants of the chapel of Saint Peter

From the died-out villages of the Dobrinj Region, the toponyms of which have been preserved, we would like to highlight Šugare (located next to Rudine).

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[07/31] Islet Škojić

Be it rain, sun, fog or clear weather, you cannot miss it. Even if you are not looking for it, it presents itself; it ‘offers’ itself to you.

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[08/31] Rudine & the
Biserujka cave

It is impossible to resist the progress of civilisation, or maybe it is?

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[09/31] Slivanjska cove

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk is found in the Slivanjaska Cove (Uvala Slivanjska or Slivonjska in the dialect of Dobrinj).

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[10/31] Frane & Lijana

Every love story has its beginning and its end, and every end is a new beginning. Who would have though that the sad end of a love story would be the beginning of a legend which would be imparting the strength of true love for several centuries?!

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[11/31] Shipwreck Peltastis

The sea gives, the sea takes. In the night between 7 and 8 January 1968 not far from Šilo, the sea, with the help of the wind, pulled to its depths a Greek freight ship called Peltastis. From the twelve crewmembers, only four survived.

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