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Sights in the hinterland

[19/31] The trail of the glagolitic writers

The Glagolitic alphabet is one of the trademarks of the Dobrinj Region. This ancient alphabet of our ancestors has been saved from oblivion thanks to the enthusiasts bringing a touch of the past into the modern time. Svetko Ušalj from Gabonjin is definitely one of the lovers of the Glagolitic world. He has transliterated numerous documents written in the Glagolitic alphabet and copied the Glagolitic letters from the pergamena parchment onto the stone. It was his idea to open the trail of the glagolitic writers in Gabonjin in 2001 which encompasses the complete Glagolitic alphabet, i.e. 37 Glagolitic letters. They were carved in stone by Mr. Svetko and installed at their permanently designated places through the concerted efforts of the citizens.

GPS coordinates: N 45 06.497, E 14 33.784

[16/31] Dolova

The abandoned village of Dolova or the enchanted island forest, as concluded by an excursionist who turned from the main road between Kras and Dobrinj onto a forest path that led him to the died-out village of Dolova.

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[17/31] Vela gromača

Gromače or drywalls are one of the distinct features of the island of Krk. The largest example of this type of folk architecture on the island is the so-called ‘Vela gromača’.

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[18/31] Park of the
glagolitic alphabet

The Park of the Glagolitic Alphabet (Park Glagoljice) in Gabonjin, opened in 2010, is part of the further efforts made by the citizens to ensure that the Glagolitic alphabet...

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[19/31] The trail of the
glagolitic writers

The Glagolitic alphabet is one of the trademarks of the Dobrinj Region.

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[20/31] Church of Saint Vitus

Until ‘the year 1100 after the birth of Christ’ (‘let od Hristova rojstva 1100’), the pastoral village located one kilometre from Dobrinj was nameless.

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[21/31] Remnants of the church of All Saints

The Frankopan family legacy encompasses the village of Sužan as well. It is located close to the Soline Cove (Uvala Soline) which you can see from the viewing post located next to the Church...

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[22/31] Remnants of the church of Saint Helen

A great woman of holy memory, Flavia Julija Helena, is better known here as Saint Jelena Križarica. The legend says that she participated in the search of the cross on which Jesus was crucified and died.

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